Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sorry for the delay---summer's getting the best of me!

Hey y'all! So so so sorry for the delay in posts. I cannot believe July is almost over. Where in the world has this summer gone??? At least I have a bit of a tan to show for it (well, a tan compared to everyone else who works in an office 9-5!). But, apologies for the gap in posts. I know you were all just hanging by a thread, wondering what was coming next :)

Last week and weekend, the Corbys made their way to the Gulf Coast for some MUCH needed R&R. We used to head down to the Florida/Alabama border every year for a beach vacay, but as we got older and busier and more scattered around the country, family vacations were put to the wayside. I think the four of us (plus Elliott, who slid in seamlessly, btw!) were long overdue for a week at the beach.

For all of you urbanites who haven't made it there yet this summer, here's something to make you just a tad bit irritated with me. I kid, I kid, but only halfway!

The kiddos hanging out on the balcony while Dad preps the grill, naturally.

Mom and Dad! Thanks for bringing us! And don't kill me for putting a picture of y'all on the blog...

We celebrated Elliott's birthday! 24 candles! He blew them out like a champ.

Meredith at the beach. This is probably the best photo I got, considering the humidity made the camera lens foggy. I'm learning.

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