Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Wonderful Weekend on the Island

I told you I'd keep you posted on the Fourth weekend, so here goes:
IT WAS AMAZING! Absolutely wonderful to be out of the city and it finally felt like summer, with my swimsuit on and splashing in the lovely, warm waters of Hilton Head. Elliott's family created a perfect weekend (as always), complete with boat rides, fishing, fireworks, BBQ ribs, tomato pie, the works! A million thanks to you two. To give you one anecdote of the trip: fishing on Saturday morning.

Now, to begin, I must point out that the Corby clan is not known for their boating prowess. All four of us get motion sickness simply riding in the back seat of the car or on the bus on the way to work (it's true---I can't sit backwards, sideways, or in the back half of the bus). But, Elliott and Mr. Charlie had a trip out to Whitewater planned, and Elliott was so looking forward to some saltwater fishing. I decided to suck it up. Two Dramamine tablets later and my Pepto Bismol and gingerale in tow, I hopped on the boat and prayed for the best. We begin by searching around for poguies (sp?...I later found out they'd be chopped up into bait. Gross, but fun to cast the net and see the fruits of our Elliott's labor). Everything was going swimmingly (excuse the pun!), until we headed out to Whitewater. I should've known by the name, but ten minutes in, I was done-for. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy---I am not in a single one, and for good reason. Seasick green is not my color....

Elliott, casting the net out for live bait (my favorite part of fishing!)

One of my favorite things about Hilton Head are the dolphins! This girl followed us all throughout Calibogue Sound (I think that's where we were). SO COOL!

This is more my cup of tea---a Sandbar party that lasted for 2 days straight!

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